This course is for those who have done or appeared in +2 class. The duration of this course depends upon the date of entrance exam. Thirty to Fifty Tests are conducted.

Features of Course

  • ENSURE 600+ IN NEET Complete Syllabus in Shortest Time.
  • Learn & revise concept . Quick revision boosts memory and improves retention & recalling.
  • Saving  time. No need to make Notes. No need to revise from text books.
  • No extra books needed. All important concepts & top books covered.
  • Revise a chapter quickly in 3-4 hours.
  • Chapter-wise Question Bank with matching difficulty level.
  • Clear doubts at a glance with written step-by-step solutions.
  • Focus on your weaker areas with 3-step Revision Lists.
  • Bookmark important questions for practice later.
  • Reverse Learning – Pull out Study Notes from the solution to revise concepts.